First 5 Association Responds to Master Plan for Early Learning and Care

First 5 Association of California issued the following statement in response to the release on Tuesday of the California Health and Human Services Agency’s Master Plan for Early Learning and Care: Making California For All Kids. The following quotes can be attributed to Melissa Stafford Jones, executive director of the Association: We applaud the Governor’s commitment to […]

First 5 Association Joins Partners in Warning Against Big Tobacco’s Efforts to Overturn Ban on Sale of Candy-Flavored Tobacco Products

First 5 Association is joining with public health partners and elected officials across the state to warn Californians against tobacco companies’ efforts to overturn SB 793 by referendum. SB 793 protects kids by ending the sale of candy-flavored tobacco products in California. Read the joint press release that includes our quote, below: GOV. NEWSOM, LT. GOV. […]

Final CA Budget Must Prioritize Child Care, Programs That Support Families

ALAMEDA, CA (June 15, 2020) – Child care and other programs that support families must be prioritized in the final 2020-21 state budget, which now awaits Governor Newsom’s action, said First 5 Association, First 5 California, and First 5 LA on Monday. Specifically, First 5 believes the following elements must be included in a final budget […]

A Warm Welcome for Our New Executive Director, Melissa Stafford Jones

First 5 Association of California announces and warmly welcomes its new Executive Director, Melissa Stafford Jones, who will join the organization on July 6, 2020. Ms. Stafford Jones will lead the pursuit of First 5’s vision that California’s success be measured by the well-being of its youngest children, along with the overall strategy and direction […]

The 58 First 5 counties are united against racism in all forms.

The 58 First 5 counties across California are united against racism in all forms, and in the mission that every child has a right to grow up healthy and safe. We strive for equity and inclusion for every child, every family, and every member of society. We pledge to continually examine and evolve­­ our work, […]

Leading California Early Childhood Advocates Oppose Trump Administration’s “Public Charge” Rule

Alameda, CA — First 5 Association of California, First 5 California, and First 5 LA today joined major California leaders including Governor Gavin Newsom in opposing the Trump Administration’s “public charge” rule expansion, which will allow immigration officials the ability to deny a green card to immigrant applicants if they are in receipt of certain public benefits that are intended to […]