Association Board

The First 5 Association of California’s Board, includes:

  • The President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer;
  • The Chair for each of the subcommittees; and
  • The representative of each of the Association’s six regions.

      Regional representatives are chosen by their respective regions, and the other members of the Board are elected through an annual vote of the members.

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Kitty Lopez
First 5 San Mateo County


Vice President
Fabiola Gonzalez
First 5 Fresno County


Wendy Sims-Moten
First 5 Santa Barbara County


Advocacy/Communications Chair
Alethea Arguilez
First 5 San Diego County

Bay Area Representative
Ruth Fernandez
First 5 Contra Costa County

Central Valley Representative
Wendy Wendt
First 5 San Luis Obispo County

Northeast Representative
Molly DesBaillets
First 5 Mono County


Northwest Region Representative
Wendy Dickens
First 5 Shasta County


Sacramento Representative
Ericka Summers
First 5 Yuba County


Southern Representative
Karla Pleitéz Howell
First 5 Los Angeles County

Southern Representative
Karen Scott
First 5 San Bernardino County

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Executive Directors

For a roster of current Executive Directors of First 5 county commissions, click the button below.