First 5 Humboldt Works with Community Partners to Support Local Child Care Providers

A recent article in the Humboldt Times-Standard highlighted the difficulties faced by child care providers in Humboldt County as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the innovative ways First 5 Humboldt and its community partners helped to support providers as things got tough.

First 5 worked with its playgroup partners to offer virtual support for parents and children; partnered with First 5 California and Changing Tides Family Services to offer PPE and cleaning supplies for local providers; and, in partnership with Humboldt Area Foundation, launched the Child Care Capacity Program to provide cash stipends to child care providers who were open during the pandemic.

Along community partners, First 5 Humboldt is also advocating for a portion of the county’s American Rescue Plan funding to go to supporting the county’s child care providers.

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