First 5 Association Congratulates New Appointees to First 5 California Commission

First 5 Association of California warmly congratulates the two newest members of the First 5 California Children and Families commission, who were appointed yesterday by the governor: Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, who will serve as chair, and Elsa Mendoza Jimenez.

Surgeon General Dr. Burke Harris has an impressive history of advocacy and care for California’s children and families, as a pediatrician, founder of the Center for Youth Wellness, and pioneer in her work to address the effects of adverse childhood experiences on children’s health and development as they grow into adults.  Ms. Jimenez has been a strong ally to First 5 Monterey County, and the children and families they serve, as Director of Health Services for Monterey County, and through her many years in public health programming, education and chronic disease prevention.

“We greatly look forward to working with Dr. Burke Harris and Ms. Jimenez to make California a place where the wellbeing of our youngest children is a benchmark of success for the state,” said Melissa Stafford Jones, executive director of First 5 Association of California. “Adding their impressive experience and background to the commission creates a deep bench of expertise that puts First 5 California, and the whole First 5 network, in a strong position to face the challenges and opportunities ahead.”