First 5 Association Statement on CA Gov 2018-19 Budget Proposal

Moira Kenney, Executive Director of First 5 Association, offered the following response to California Governor Jerry Brown’s 2018 budget proposal released today.

“First 5 is pleased that Governor Brown’s budget proposal recognizes the multiple pillars that support early childhood: quality early learning, resilient families, and comprehensive health and development. By proposing funds for home visiting, higher pay for child care providers, greater access to quality child care, a larger early childhood workforce, accelerated education reform, and the assurance of health coverage through Medi-Cal, Brown is putting California’s money where its heart is—with children.The needs of young children in our state are significant — 20% live in poverty, 86% can’t access subsidized child care though eligible, and 14% experience abuse or neglect.  Even with the additional supports outlined in today’s budget, our work on behalf of children and families is not done.First 5 looks forward to working with legislators on budget policies that will meet the needs of our state’s kids, so we can ensure our youngest Californians are healthy, safe, and ready to learn. This budget proposal is a strong and promising start.”

First 5 Association of California is the voice of the state’s 58 First 5 county commissions, which were created by voters in 1998 to ensure our kids are healthy, safe and ready to learn. Together, First 5 has touched the lives of more than one million kids, families and caregivers in California, and strengthened our state by giving kids the best start in life. Learn more: