First 5 Fresno County
Mom Tania and her child

Tania felt like her family was stuck. Her abusive partner recently had left the household, and her children were having night terrors and behavioral issues. Seven-year-old Corbin was suffering bouts of anxiety and frequent outbursts, while three-year-old Evan had regressed in toileting. Tania was depressed. “I felt helpless; I couldn’t help my child. At one time he was talking and good on potty-training; then out of nowhere, he had accidents and I had to put him back in diapers.”

“I feel myself moving on the challenges, and growing as well,” Tania said. “It feels good when people tell me I seem happier.”

Through First 5 Fresno’s Learning About Parenting program, Tania was connected to a home visitor who provided weekly parenting lessons on topics like positive discipline and the importance of reading. “My dad was physically and verbally abusive to me,” Tania said, “but I chose not to go his route. I don’t hit or yell at my children. I simply put them on timeout, or use the little discipline chart. There are other ways.”
Through the home visiting program, Tania and her boys also were linked to a psychologist. Evan’s growth and development are back on track, and Corbin’s tantrums and anxiety have decreased. Once isolated, Tania has now reconnected with friends and family, and returned to school.