Sustainability and Scale

First 5 believes all young children deserve to be healthy, happy and ready to learn. Californians do too; that’s why voters passed Proposition 10 and created First 5 in 1998. There has been no significant reinvestment in First 5 in 20 years, however, and revenues are declining. 

Our Vision

Fulfill the voter-approved Proposition 10 mandate: “To create a comprehensive and integrated delivery system of information and services to promote early childhood development.”

Policy Goals

• Explore and advance additional revenue sources for services to children and families.

• Improve and integrate data systems to track and evaluate children’s outcomes.

• Regulate tobacco products and promote smoking cessation.

• Mitigate public health risks that widely affect children’s health and wellbeing.

• Promote and sustain First 5’s role in building systems of care for young children and their families.