Executive Director
Janice LeRoux
Contact Information:
First 5 Placer
365 Nevada Street
Auburn, CA 95603
Phone: 530-745-1304
Fax: 530-885-2041

Investments, FY 14-15

Dollars Invested:
Family Functioning: $1,700,007
Child Development: $727,252
Child Health: $544,884
Systems of Care: $300,693
TOTAL: $3,272,836
Number of Children Served: 5,727

These numbers were reported by counties for the annual report compiled by First 5 California. County-level reports may differ.

About This County Commission

On an annual basis, First 5 Placer invests approximately $2.8 million in 27 separate programs ranging from individual and family services and educational support activities to local education efforts and recreation activities. It is often recognized that these funded activities provide a valuable benefit to the Placer area’s children and families. However, the fact that the First 5 Placer-funded activities and operations also make a contribution to the local economy through the contracts it engages in and the jobs it supports is not typically emphasized.

First 5 Placer, like all First 5s, helps strengthen the local economy. Committed funding for the period 2011-13 has yielded over $7 million, creating nearly 160 jobs for the County on an annual basis. This increased contribution of resources illustrates First 5 Placer’s vital role in providing a safety net of services and support for the youngest and most vulnerable members of our community, while other sources of publicly-funded support continue to decline.

Recent economic development studies show that programs for children under age 6 produce significant economic benefits. As the child grows into adulthood, this benefit ranges from $1.26 to $17 for $1 spent. Early childhood program scan keep children out of expensive special education programs; reduce the number of students who fail and must repeat a grade in school; increase high school graduation rates; reduce juvenile crime; reduce the number of youngsters who wind up on welfare as adults; and increase the number of students who go to college. (RAND Corporation, 2006)

Economic Impacts of the First 5 Placer Children and Families Commission’s Funded Programs

Strategic Plan
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