The First 5 Association of California prioritizes young children in all policies. Our policy and advocacy work is focused on addressing the development, education and health needs of young children and the crucial role of families in their lives. Representing the 58 First 5 county commissions, the Association engages in state, local and federal, administrative and legislative advocacy, as well as research and data collection aimed at furthering our policy and advocacy goals.

Family Strengthening

2016 Policy Goals:

  • Expand access to evidence-based family strengthening programs, including voluntary home visiting, which optimize child development and reduce the risk of abuse and neglect.
  • Increase and improve child and parental mental health and substance abuse awareness, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Strengthen the social safety-net to ensure families are self-sufficient and can meet their basic economic needs, such as food, housing, child care, transportation and health care.

Family Strengthening Fact Sheet. PDF
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Early Identification & Intervention

2016 Policy Goals:

  • Ensure all children receive mandated developmental and behavioral screenings.
  • Invest in and improve coordination across systems of care to efficiently connect young children to early intervention.
  • Improve statewide data collection, sharing and reporting on key indicators of screening, assessment, referral and treatment.

Early Identification & Intervention Fact Sheet. PDF
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Oral Health

2016 Policy Goals:

  • Increase utilization of essential Medi-Cal dental services by young children.
  • Expand the availability and geographic spread of pediatric oral health providers.
  • Mobilize state support for innovative approaches that provide oral health services in alternative settings.

Oral Health Fact Sheet. PDF
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Quality Early Learning

2016 Policy Goals:

  • Increase the quality and number of state-funded early learning slots for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.
  • Embed high-quality standards in all state-funded early learning programs and support state and local efforts to meet them.
  • Strengthen the qualifications, compensation and stability of the early learning workforce.

Quality Early Learning Fact Sheet. PDF
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System Sustainability & Reach

2016 Policy Goals:

  • Explore and advance opportunities to preserve and increase funding streams dedicated to early childhood, including Proposition 10 revenues.
  • Improve state and county data systems to track children’s outcomes.

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